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News Updates from Clarence House

The aim of this page is to give regular news and event updates from within Clarence House

Here are some recent testimonials:

Many of our residents and families are kind enough to write to us to thank us for the care we have provided. Here is a selection of recent letters we have received. The original letters are available for inspection.

“We knew the very first moment that Clarence House was the right place for G. The love, care and kindness you gave to both her and us was amazing. Thank you so much for everything. B, L & A

“When mum came to Clarence she needed a new lease of life and she found it with you, along with the comfort and reassurance of loving and sympathetic care. She found the friendship she craved, humour which she thrived on and good food which she appreciated. On top of that was wonderful entertainment, good conversation and above all a haven of love and respect in which to spend the rest of her life. Thank you all. The minute mum came to Clarence I was able to stop worrying.”

“One often hears tales of care homes that are negative. Yours is a shining light of how such an organisation should be run.” MS

“I am sure you are very proud of your managers and team; a perfect example of how a home should be managed.”  MC

“To you all, can’t think of a more comfortable home from home for your residents. You are all to be congratulated.“ IS

 “Thank you for everything you do for my Mother. Don’t know when I’ve seen her looking so happy. See you soon.” SC

“Your kindness, care and support to both mum and I helped me through what was a very emotional, time. Mum knew the love was there for her and I will be eternally grateful for that. Thank you all so much.”  J, J & A

“It was a great comfort to us all being so far away, to know that mum was being looked after so well. Thank you all once again.”  D & A W