Aiming for a neutral carbon footprint

At Clarence House we are very concerned about our impact on the environment and want to improve what we do continuously and strive for a carbon neutral footprint.

To this end we have already implemented several "green" initiatives to focus on energy use, waste disposal and water usage.

Our initiatives


As much as possible is recycled including plastic, cardboard, tins and glass.

Energy efficiency

We have a highly efficient building including cavity wall insulation and double glazing, and are able to maintain a warm and comfortable environment whilst minimising energy consumption.

Water usage

Water usage is monitored carefully and staff are trained to minimise water wastage.

Solar Panel System at Clarence House

In July 2012 we implemented a large, state of the art solar panel system. This generates up to 10 kilowatts of electricity which will be enough to power the home much of the time and also feed electricity back to the national grid.

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